On the HTC EVO 4G LTE you’ve got three hardware buttons: back, home, and recent apps. Coming from any previous EVO, you might be missing the Search and Menu keys. I know I am. While I haven’t found a solution for the lack of a hardware search button other than slapping the Google search box on every screen, I have stumbled across a mod by RegnierD to remap the recent apps button to become the menu button.

The remap mod has the rather nice side-effect of preventing the system from displaying on the screen the software menu button, which takes up a large chunk of screen real estate. It has the downside of leaving you with no way to easily switch between programs.

It requires you to have Root Explorer or similar, a rooted phone, and be comfortable with editing a text file from your EVO.

While this is not a flashable mod, and editing a text file may not sound like dangerous work, I’d still advise you to go ahead and make a nandroid backup just in case something weird happens and you can’t press any keys after the mod.