I’m really happy with the latest OTA update on my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime – it’s the one that bumped the software version up to, and brought with it a ton of goodies, including better WiFi, faster multitasking and web browsing, Face Unlock, and a few other features I didn’t even mention.

However, not everyone is pleased with this update: I’ve been lurking around on several different sites, and several users have been complaining of even more force closes in the browser, sluggish performance, and even issues charging the device. Luckily, the solution seems to be pretty darn simple: just reboot the device! And to be extra careful, you can even do a soft reset of the device by  inserting a pin in the tiny hole on the bottom, left-hand side of the device. Don’t worry; this isn’t a hard reset – your apps and data are safe. All this does is clear out a few caches that simply rebooting the device won’t.

ASUS recommends that users reboot their devices after accepting an OTA update anyway, but as we know, not everyone likes to follow directions. (I know I don’t!) In fact, I actually didn’t reboot my device before playing around with the new update and writing about it here on Pocketables. But after I did get around to doing this, I’ve noticed that my device is even slightly more responsive.

So just in case you’re not quite as happy with the latest OTA update, give this a try, and see if it works.