File this in the archive of weird iOS accessories. Thanks to iOS’ 30 pin connector being able to provide power for external accessories, it’s quite easy to make rather “dumb” accessories that don’t need an app to control them, just the power to run. That’s the concept behind these $4.20 fans that have popped up on DealExtreme as well, as all they need is the power coming from the 30 pin port to run.

The fan consists of a 30 pin connector, on/off switch, flexible neck, and a fan. I guess the idea is that you plug it in and bend it towards you to keep you cool while you text, play Angry Birds, or whatever it is you do. It will naturally drain your battery faster, and could just as easily be replaced by a completely standalone unit, but for $4.20, the novelty of it might just be worth it. At least this is one time when you can definitely say that Apple fans are cool.