There are a lot of different cloud storage options available. You can choose from Windows SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box, Dropbox, and a bunch more. My personal favorite is Dropbox, and I use it every day. A few months ago Dropbox doubled the amount of free space you get for referring friends from 250MB to 500MB. This means that just by inviting friends you can get up to 18GB of space for free – 2GB for free account and 16GB for referrals. You can also get some bonus space by using the mobile apps.

I’ve tried most of the other cloud storage options, and while there are quite a few that are cheaper, I plan on sticking with Dropbox. The reason is pretty simple: I have never, not once, had a single issue with Dropbox. My files are always available, no matter what tablet, phone, or computer I happen to be using at the time. It’s saved my bacon in many a tech emergency, and it just always works. The first day Google Drive came out, I gave it a try. When I ended up with doubles of all my files after the first 10 minutes, I gave up on it for good.

If you are a current Dropbox Pro subscriber, your Dropbox will double in size tonight. The 50GB plan will now have 100GB and the 100GB plan will now have 200GB of space. The plans pricing will remain the same at $100 and $200 per year respectively. Dropbox will also be adding a 500GB plan if you need even more space. And if you want Dropbox for your team you can get a shared space starting at 1TB.