Everyone knows that independent developers work fast, but sometimes it is surprising just how quickly they can get things done. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean source code was released only four days ago, and already the team behind CyanogenMod has made quite a bit of progress towards the CyanogenMod 10 release.

First off, they have released a video demonstration of what CM10 will look like on devices other than the Galaxy Nexus and with hardware keys like the Galaxy SIII. In the demonstration above, an LG Optimus 4X HD is shown performing most of the basic smartphone functions, and surprisingly enough nearly everything works. In fact, the only service that appeared to cause a problem was Google Search or Google Now, as even things like the camera and phone calls worked properly. For only having the source four days, and especially on a less common device that isn’t a Nexus, this is quite impressive.

If you do have a Galaxy Nexus, however, things have already progressed even further. Since the stock Jelly Bean source can be easily compiled to run on the Galaxy Nexus, the CyanogenMod team was able to get straight to work adding their extra features and customizations to the ROM. As a result, the first very early preview build of CM 10 for the GSM maguro version Galaxy Nexus is already up online and ready for users to flash on their devices, and can be downloaded from the second source link below. Interestingly, based on the comments the camera actually isn’t yet working in this ROM, but that will doubtless be fixed soon, and even despite that problem I’m probably going to install the build on my Galaxy Nexus tomorrow.

Obviously, all of this development is in the very earliest stages, but is already quite promising. The CyanogenMod team in particular always seems to do a good job with Android customization, and with all this development happening in just four days, I can’t wait to see what kind of improvements we have in four months. (Of course, that’s assuming there isn’t another completely new Android version by then!)

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