While Jelly Bean (the next version of the Android operating system,) still uses the Roboto font, according to LiquidSolstice the version that it ships with is a slimmed down more Helvetica-like version of it.

I don’t really notice much difference between Roboto and JB-Roboto. If I try, I think I can see some. It’s not a huge difference if it is there, although I might be font-blind and simply not notice it in the screen to screen comparisons.

From a practical point of view this is a purely aesthetic flashing choice and not particularly “the future of the OS.”

If you want to install this font, you’ll need a rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE and a custom recovery to flash the downloadable package.

Make sure before flashing to make a nandroid backup. Even though there’s a stock version of the fonts to flash back to, you never know when something is going to break randomly.

Let us know if you decide to flash it how it works for you.

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