Yesterday, Google introduced its Fiber internet service. It’s a 1Gb/s down and up connection that the search giant will be providing to select “fiberhoods” in both Kansas Cities. For $70 a month, residents of those fiberhoods will be able to get that service, along with a network box and a free terabyte of storage in Google Drive. If those residents add an extra $50 to that – bringing their bills to $120 – they will get Google Fiber TV and a free ASUS Nexus 7 as the remote.

Google’s also offering a 5Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up free internet service to residents who don’t need the gigabit connection. All those people will have to do is pay $300 for construction fees. Construction fees don’t apply for gigabit service customers.

For the United States, this is an amazing deal. For $120 a month, people in those lucky fiberhoods will be able to get a plethora of TV channels and incredibly fast internet, not to mention a free ASUS Nexus 7 as the remote for the TV service. And $70 is also a great deal, since you can stream anything you want from any computer in your house.

In the video, Google says that it will bring Fiber to the most interested communities first. It’s a viable financial investment for Google, so hopefully the company will expand its network throughout the country soon. I know I would sign up for a heartbeat if it was available in my neighborhood.

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