The new OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G LTE came out today bringing the version number to 1.22.651.3. It addressed several issues that users had been complaining about since the release last month of the phone onto the Sprint network. Along with the many fixes mentioned, it appears that HTC also fixed the LazyPanda S-OFF exploit, meaning that at the moment there is no way for an updated EVO 4G LTE to achieve S-OFF.

If you’re wanting an EVO with S-OFF and have not as of yet taken and installed the OTA from Sprint, you might want to go ahead and run the exploit now, or hold off updating to the OTA for a bit and see if they manage to find a new exploit.

Installing the OTA does not make an S-OFF phone into an S-ON phone; however, it does update the HBOOT and radios to a patched version that cannot be exploited in the same fashion LazyPanda did.

At the moment, with S-ON on an EVO 4G LTE, there is nothing you cannot achieve that an S-OFF phone could other than reverting your HBOOT to a different version. Radios, ROMs, recoveries, boot screens, etc. are all flashable with an HTCdev unlocked bootloader, although many prefer to not tell HTC what they’re doing with their phones. Update: getting conflicting information about radios and boot screens on the new OTA, will just assume they don’t work any more.

Updating to the new OTA has also been being reported to break root, so be prepared to re-flash recovery and superuser if you’re running stock rooted.