HTC has finally, finally, finally released the kernel source code for both the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the T-Mobile HTC One S, which will allow developers to create customized kernels for both devices. While the vast majority of users have no need or desire to flash a custom kernel, this is very exciting news for hardcore enthusiasts like us: the kernel of a device is really like a window into its soul. Without a properly functioning kernel, the radios, the camera, and everything else that makes these devices so great won’t work right.

Given the OTA update that just came out for the EVO 4G LTE, it certainly seems like developers will have their hands busy this weekend.

This latest release follows the release of the kernel source code for the international version of the HTC One S early last month. The kernel source for the international One X was released at the beginning of May, which makes AT&T the last carrier in the US with a flagship HTC device that remains largely off-limited to developers. Hopefully AT&T will catch up soon.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can sit back and see what goodies developers will throw our way in the coming weeks and months.