As we all know by now, the HTC EVO 4G LTE lacks any type of note-taking software out of the box. To most people, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise: previously here on Pocketables, Andreas has pointed out how the iPad has some great pen-enabled software but a lack of actual pens, while Android has some great pens but a lack of pen-enabled software.

ASUS, on the other hand, actually does have a really great note-taking app that’s not specifically optimized for pens, but works really well with most pen devices: SuperNote. I’ve played around with this app quite a bit on my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, and the only real downfall I’ve found is that it doesn’t sync with any cloud services such as Evernote. But if you don’t view that as a drawback, and you’re not satisfied by the HTC Notes hack we showed you a little while ago, then listen up: the SuperNote .apk has been pulled from the Transformer Prime, is available as a free download at XDA, and works perfectly on the EVO 4G LTE.

Honestly, other than the lack of cloud syncing, this is some of the best note-taking software available on Android right now. All you have to do is follow the source link below, download the .rar, unzip, and install.

If you decide to try this out, be sure to let us know what your impressions are: how’s it working out for you, and do you prefer it over other note-taking solutions?