Today at 4:13 CST, Ubuntuz posted the annoucement that Jelly Bean 3D, an AOSP ROM with working camera and 3D based on the Android Jelly Bean source, will be released for GSM versions of the HTC EVO 3D tomorrow. Ubuntuz is probably best known in the GSM EVO 3D world for a port of the ParanoidAndroid ROM.

This announcement does not affect Sprint/CDMA EVO 3D users, but if it can be done on the GSM versions you can expect it to quickly flow over to CDMA.

A working camera and 3D in AOSP-based ROMs would finally provide a foundation for development and support on the EVO 3D that it has not had since its release. There’s only so much interest people can bring up for a rooted AOSP device that can’t use its three main selling points (3D cameras, 3D video, WiMax.) This release, if claims are to be believed, would alleviate two out of three of those shortfalls.

Whether or not Ubuntuz pulls through and releases this on time, or whether this announcement is actually too good to be true, development is still going strong in the CDMA world and releases with the Jelly Bean framework should be popping up for rooted users soon enough.

Once again, it’s an exciting time to be a rooted HTC EVO 3D owner!