Yep, another iPhone charging cable! You have the Twig cable with bendable legs, CordLite with an LED, Une Bobine bendable cable, and now the ChargeCard. It ain’t cheap being an iPhone owner.

Like the others, the ChargeCard has a unique idea with a lot of thought behind it. It shares a feature with the ClearShot tripod, namely that it’s designed to fit in a wallet. The end of the card fits into the current Apple 30 pin connector, and the middle of the card contains a flat USB cable that can be twisted out and plugged into a USB port. Since the connection part of both the 30 pin connector and the USB plug is much flatter than the normal housing you find them in, it’s possible to make this entire “cable” so flat that it fits into credit card pockets in a wallet.

Getting one of these will cost you $18 if you hurry and $20 if you don’t. It might be difficult to justify yet another iPhone charge cable, but being able to have the cable with you at all times can be immensely useful.