The benefit of having both iOS and Android devices in your arsenal is that you can pick the apps you like the best for a specific task from a broader selection. While my previous app preference articles have been about Android apps, I never quite found an Android app that I like as much as Reeder on the iPad. Then again, I haven’t really tried, as Reeder is exactly what I’m looking for.

I read RSS feeds in one of two ways: Slowly, as entertainment, or as quickly as possible, to get through them and see what’s going on. Reeder works for slow reading, but it really works for fast reading – which is what I do the most of. The split view in landscape where the feed list is on the left and the feed content on the right is exactly what I need, and it allows me to go through hundreds of RSS entries without missing anything. I’ve used apps like Pulse, Flipboard, and other apps in the past, but those are all designed for slow reading.

The simplicity of Reeder is what makes it great. I can read my Google Reader feeds, star them, and mark them as read. I don’t need it to put anything into magazine format, I don’t need to be able to “like” anything, post it on Facebook, print it on paper and send it using a carrier pigeon, or anything like that. Reeder is designed specifically for that kind of simplicity, and there are lots of people (like me) who swear to it for that reason.

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