Although I didn’t actually mention it in my unboxing, the Nexus 7 tablet does include a very important connectivity feature: pogo pins. Just like the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 7 includes the metal pins which have a variety of interesting potential uses, from charging, to on-the-go sync, to docks. I’ve been a fan of pogo pins since I got my Nexus, and have been hoping for them to catch on in more accessories and devices.

Of course, most users aren’t going to be making their own pogo pins or accessories, so it is usually up to manufacturers to make use of the pogo pins in a useful way. So, when I noticed that there weren’t yet any Nexus 7 accessories that utilized the tablet’s pogo pins, I was disappointed that the feature was once again being ignored, just like the “smart cover” magnets in the tablet’s bezel.

However, according to a leaked product slide from Nordic Hardware, that may soon change. In the image above, you can see what is supposedly an official ASUS dock for the Nexus 7 which includes pogo pin connectivity. The dock shown has a microUSB connector for charging and a line-out jack for stereo sound, but disappointingly no HDMI out. Since the Nexus 7 doesn’t include a MHL HDMI out port, I was hoping that the four pogo pins on the side of the device could be utilized for the feature.  I’m not sure if this is technically possible with only four pins, but I’m still holding out hope that my Nexus 7 with an HDMI dock could keep me from having to purchase a Nexus Q.

Even without HDMI out, this dock still looks quite nice, and for the projected price of $50 I may just end up with one sitting on my desk. Along with the dock, a premium leather version of the Nexus 7 case was leaked, but unless it includes the aforementioned magnetic smart cover, I’m not really interested. Still, it is good to see the accessory lineup for the Nexus 7 expanding, and pogo pins being put to good use.