TWRP 2.0 was released back in December of 2011 for a wide array of phones, the HTC EVO 4G being one of them. Due to some issues involving some EVOs bricking/reverting to S-ON after flashing,  TWRP 2.0 was removed from the EVO 4G portion of Team Win’s site and the version that’s been available since was from the 1.x series of non-graphical recoveries.

Team Win’s Dees_Troy has written that they believe the issue was with the mtdutils source code they were using in the 2.0 releases interacting badly with the EVO 4G, and as of now they’re using a new codebase which should alleviate the TWRP deathflash.

So, if you’ve been missing TWRP’s themes, or want a touch-screen based recovery for your original EVO 4G you can click the link below and find instructions on how to get it and install.

As I was one of the affected and had my phone revert to S-ON followed by the Qualcomm five shakes of death, I will probably sit on the sidelines for this one and wait for a bit. Being without my EVO 4G for a month was a pain.

TWRP was the neatest looking recovery I ever used with the EVO 4G though, so it may make a reappearance on my OG EVO at some later date.

If you flash it, let us know how it works for you.