Less than a month after the unveiling of Jelly Bean, the newest version of the Android operating system has managed to make its way to the HTC EVO 3D as an unofficial alpha port of a Galaxy Nexus build of CyanogenMod 10.

While it’s a fairly early port and not something that you’d particularly enjoy running on your phone, the fact that it’s booting and behaving somewhat like it should is quite remarkable.

Currently, the list of what is not working is pretty extensive (audio, 3G, WiFi, 3D, etc.), but with the way development goes, my bet is within a week or two we’ll have things at least as functional as CyanogenMod 9 has thus far been on the EVO 3D.

It’s currently being developed on Sprint/CDMA but looks like it will be ported to the GSM EVO 3D shortly, going by developer comments.

Once again, it’s a pretty exciting time in the EVO 3D root world. Hopefully the bugs will be squashed and features added soon and we can get a daily driver out of a CyanogenMod JB ROM.