If you thought the long wait for Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC EVO 3D was bad, try being a US Cellular customer with the HTC Flyer. Just a few days ago, it finally got an upgrade from Gingerbread … to Honeycomb.

That’s right: even though both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean have been released since then, it was just given Honeycomb. If you remember, the Sprint variant of the tablet (the HTC EVO View 4G) got the update last year in December.

The update bumps the software version up to 2.29.573.3, but interestingly enough, it’s not even available as an OTA update. Instead, you’ll have to head to HTC’s website to download an upgrade utility, or if you own a Mac, you’ll have to take your Flyer to a US Cellular store.

Really – I’m not making this up.

I don’t know what it is with HTC, carriers, and updates lately, but this is getting beyond ridiculous. Let’s hope HTC figures out how to get these updates going a little more smoothly in the future.

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