Viper4G 1.0.0 is a Sense 4.0 ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE that features an application to theme anything and a Venom Hub to keep you in touch and up to date with all ROM updates.

The theming engine allows for full theming support of statusbar and application icons, so if you’re interested in fully making the ROM yours, the functionality is right there to do that from the start.

Viper4G comes in Sense and DeSense options, so if you’re craving a bit of the CM feel on your phone, there are also options for that.

There have been some modifications to the messaging app that allow for secure and blocklist folders, Adaway is included for blocking some advertising, and a host of tweaks specific to the ROM are included to make it a pretty well rounded package.

If you plan to install this, make sure you’re on the latest radio and firmware update, or you will see random issues. Also, clear your Google Wallet settings before leaving your old ROM, make a nandroid backup, and let us know what you think of the ROM.