Here’s a particularly painful way to start your Monday: one very unfortunate HTC EVO 4G LTE user just discovered the weakest point on his device. Pew446 writes:

What happened? Well, I was in a parade, shooting people with squirt guns from the back of a Scion. I had my phone in the cupholder behind me, and things were uncomfortable, so I leaned back… *CRUNCH*

For the record, no, it does not turn on. All my storage was on the internal, so I lost it all. Google+ uploaded all my pictures though, so that’s nice.


We already showed you what happens to an EVO’s screen after falling three stories, so I guess we can add this to our growing collection of EVO fatalities.

Be careful out there, folks. But now that the phone has been out for more than a month, I’m sure there are even more crazy broken-EVO stories. If you’ve got one of your own, share it below.

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