The white HTC EVO 4G LTE is for sale right now online, through telesales, and in Sprint stores nationwide, but many people have been hesitant to pick one up for one simple reason: they want to get S-OFF. As we know by now, the latest OTA update for the EVO 4G LTE patches the exploit that allowed S-OFF, and it has been unclear whether or not the white EVO came with the OTA update preinstalled.

Luckily, reports have started to trickle in from individuals who have picked up a white EVO 4G LTE, and it looks like it comes with the launch-date software, version 1.13.651.1. This means that the white EVO can be S-OFFed using the LazyPanda exploit, as long as you don’t perform any software updates after getting the device.

This means that, if you get it in a store, you’ll have to be very vigilant that the employee who helps you doesn’t update anything. I’ve found that it’s usually enough to say that I’ll set everything up myself when I get home, and they’ll hand me the phone right away after activating it.

Of course, your miles may vary, and as the latest OTA update becomes older, it’s more likely that white EVOs start showing up that were produced more recently, with increased odds of having the latest software preinstalled. So act fast if you want an S-OFFed white EVO.

Thanks, Miguel!