We’ve always heard of people flashing their HTC EVO phones over to prepaid carriers like  Boost and Cricket, but this often involves at least some amount of trickery, such as illegal IMEI changes that trick the carriers into thinking your EVO is something else. It also oftentimes involves complicated APN settings, and in general, it’s only for advanced users who know what they are doing – or who have the spare change to pay someone else to do it for them.

But what if a prepaid carrier actually encouraged you to bring over your old Sprint phone?

That’s precisely what Ting is going to be about. Ting is currently a little known Sprint MVNO that has quite a fantastic handset lineup all on its own, including the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Motorola Photon Q, but starting in the fourth quarter this year, it will launch “bring your own phone” plans that will work with most Sprint phones, including the latest EVO.

The only phones that won’t work with Ting’s service are the iPhone, any Blackberry device, and new Sprint DirectConnect phones.

What’s unique about Ting is that it lets you pay for various chunks of voice minutes, text messages, and data each month, and then it credits you back for unused services at the end of the month. The carrier also includes tethering at no charge. It’s unclear if there will be cheaper plans for those who bring their own devices, but even if the prices stay the same, it’s a great concept.

Once this goes live, would you consider switching to Ting?