You don’t hear much about the TouchPad anymore, and that’s because there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff going on with it. Nobody has any large stores of TouchPads laying around waiting to be sold at a ridiculous price, and HP isn’t planning on making a TouchPad 2 (at least not that I’ve heard). CM9 development is progressing nicely, fixing bugs and such; each consecutive build is a little better that the last, which is the way it should be. Then Google released Jelly Bean and TouchPad owners know enough by now not to even bother asking if there is going to be a version released for us. That’s why I was a little surprised to hear that someone is working on a port of Jelly Bean for the TouchPad.

Jscullins is a developer I mentioned before that did a lot of work on getting the microphone to work on the TouchPad. He’s also been working on a build of Jelly Bean, and has decided to release it to the community. It is a very early build, and more stuff is broken than actually works. He says right in the download thread that it is for preview only, not to be used as a daily driver. But if you want to see what Jelly Bean looks like on your TouchPad, head on over to the XDA link below and download the ROM. Just remember to make a backup of your current setup first.