We already know that it’s fairly easy to get Google Now working on rooted Android devices that are running Ice Cream Sandwich. Google’s search app for iOS is also now heavily influenced by Google Now, even if it’s not really the complete Google Now experience. But what about those of you who are, for whatever reason, stuck on Gingerbread? Or what if your Android device isn’t rooted? Or what if you simply prefer using your iPhone’s browser for search?

Lucky for you, Google has updated its mobile web search interface for phones and tablets, making results easier to read and interact with. Dare we say, search results on mobile browsers now look very much like what users are getting in the official Google Now app.

Google’s new mobile web interface affects searches for weather, flight information, mathematical equations, finance, currency conversions, unit conversions, dictionary definitions, local time lookups, holidays, and sunrise times. Google says it’s rolling out to everyone over the next few days, but it’s already working flawlessly for me. So go ahead and try it out!