We reported on Wednesday that the new over-the-air update containing Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0.4 was rolling out to some customers from Sprint.

The new updated kernel upped Quadrant scores to nearly 6000 without overclocking, changed the reported memory from 600 megs to a gigabyte, and fixed a few problems that had been plaguing some with Bluetooth connectivity and multitasking. The Sense 4.1 update also added the ability to remap the recent apps button to menu as well as introducing some problems with custom ringtones for individuals.

In the EVO 4G LTE root world development has been coming fast and furious over the past couple of days and several ROMs have been updated to take advantage of the new radios and kernel. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been updated that we know of:

I expect that once the SuperLTE base ROM is updated we’ll also be seeing Warm 4.1, d3rpLTE, and Mayhem joining the new kernel crowd.

On a side note, Deck’s CMX (which doesn’t use anything from the update) appears to play fine with the new radios and has a supposedly fully working everything now. So, do your research -but it should be ok to update.

If you’re looking for the new radios and are S-OFF, click here. If you’re S-ON, you’ll probably have to jump through hoops similar to what I wrote about for the EVO 3D.

If I’ve missed any ROMs that are based off the new OTA, drop a line here and let me know.