Anthrax-Kernels has released a new version of the Anthrax GSM and CDMA kernels for the HTC EVO 3D that address stability issues along with making some portions of the kernel fully Jelly Bean compliant.

Some of the neat features listed include the ability to put both of the phone’s cores to sleep when the PMU requests it, dynamic clock and voltage scaling support in all CPU governors, fastcharge support, NTFS file system support, CIFS/VPN/WiFi calling, two-way call record support, and full support of CyanogenMod 9,10, Sense 3.6 and 4.0 in one kernel.

It appears ZSL, which allows burst-mode picture taking with apps that support it, has been temporarily removed from the kernel. Hopefully this will be back soon though.

Listed as experimental are 24-bit 7.1 audio over HDMI, along with 120HZ 3D HDMI-out. Not having a 7.1 sound system and a 3D TV, I can’t really test the experimental goodies; if any of you do, please let me know how it works for you.

The kernel is packaged in an Aroma-based installer, meaning you may have to upgrade your recovery if you rooted a long time ago in order to access Aroma. I’m not sure if the oldest EVO 3D recovery was new enough to support Aroma or not.

Due to past issues, Anthrax kernels are only allowed as per the author to be distributed at Anthrax-US which is a members-only site. This keeps the kernel GPL compliant without the requirement to commit code to public repositories where it will inevitably be taken and claimed as someone else’s followed by the author being informed by the masses that he stole it from the person who stole it from him. Basically, it keeps drama to a minimum and kernels coming out.

In other words, if you want the kernel, you’ll have to sign up at Anthrax-Kernels and wait until they verify you. Sign up before you absolutely need the kernel.