As one of the more popular flagship smartphones on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a device that should be one of the first devices to get the latest version of Android in a timely manner, and will get quite a bit of negative press if it doesn’t. Fortunately for users, although the update is still in the works from Samsung,  those who don’t feel like waiting for the OTA can get a version of the same software that has already been leaked to the public.

You can see a video of the Jelly Bean OTA in action in the video above, which runs through some of the basic functions. While it isn’t the exact ROM available for download, it is quite similar. In the official S III Android 4.1 OTA, there is still quite a bit of TouchWiz flavor present throughout the entire OS. In fact, the biggest UI change is probably the notification shade, which includes all the Jelly Bean improvements. The homescreen, on the other hand, remains mostly the same, as well as most of the rest of the UI.

The latest leaked official package can be downloaded by following the source link below, but although it is an official build, keep in mind that Samsung obviously doesn’t think it is ready for release yet. However, if you are prepared to deal with a few potential bugs, then you can get your hands on the official Jelly Bean build early. Of course, while Jelly Bean does add new features, the S III was still surprisingly good without it and there’s always custom ROMs for the really adventurous, so perhaps there isn’t quite as much of a rush as usual when it comes to getting the official update out.

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