There’s no lack of photo editing software on the Mac. On top of free favorites like GIMP (through the X11 Window System) and Seashore, there are also a plethora of great paid editors too. One of those is a relatively new one known as Pixelmator – and today, it was updated and discounted.

For $14.99 – a discount of $45 from its regular asking price of $59.99 – you’ll get all of the great features that have already made Pixelmator an instant favorite among plenty of users, but also the new features from the 2.1 update, including: iCloud syncing, Retina display and Mountain Lion support, and a selection of new sharing options so you can put your edits and creations on your favorite social media networks.

I’ve been using Seashore for a long time to do all of my edits. It’s a great app for free, but it isn’t the most robust option out there. Pixelmator offers a variety of extra tools to help get edits done quickly and beautifully. For $14.99, I’m finding myself hard-pressed not to buy a copy – especially after writing about its superiority to Seashore. In fact, some people have even compared the app to Adobe’s Photoshop; I think I might just buy a copy when I’m done writing this article.

If you’re like me and want to buy Pixelmator 2.1, the download link is below. Let us know how you like it!

Download: Mac App Store