Apple’s newest iteration of OS X, Mountain Lion, is a great new operating system. But since it is so new, it still has a few bugs that need to be squashed. One of the biggest and nastiest of those bugs is the battery life issue. Users are reporting significant drops in battery life, some as big as 38% from their Lion battery life.

The screenshot above is from my own MacBook Pro – after my SSD was installed. My battery is not at its healthiest, but I have noticed a drain in battery life from Lion to Mountain Lion. At 78% in Lion, I’d usually have 4:30 left; but in Mountain Lion, I’ve got 3:13 – a drop of more than an hour’s worth of battery life.

Allegedly, Apple has stated that a fix will be coming in a 10.8.1 update, but it isn’t official just yet. But considering how widespread the problem is, I don’t see why Apple wouldn’t fix it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, take part in our poll! I’m quite curious to see how many of you who own MacBooks are suffering from battery issues. If you take part in the poll, be sure to tell us in the comments how bad it is!