If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the official HTC EVO 4G LTE car dock, then you probably already know that not a lot of alternatives exist. However, the popular vehicle mount manufacturer ProClip finally released their holders for the latest EVO, with four different options to choose from: the holder with tilt swivel ($34.99), the charging holder with tilt swivel and straight power cord for fixed installation ($79.99), the charging holder with tilt swivel and cigarette lighter adapter ($59.99), and the adjustable holder with tilt swivel ($39.99).

For those who aren’t familiar with ProClip, the system includes two parts: the holder for the device and a vehicle-specific mount. Vehicle mounts are sold separately, but users swear by the ProClip system and don’t seem to mind the extra cost. Indeed, ProClip has quite a following, and Pocketables reader Sean recently told us: “Finally! I ordered 3, one for each car and one for the bike so I can watch my GPS map in transit. Everyone needs to know!”

You can view all the options for the EVO 4G LTE at the link below, and if you decide to get one, be sure to let us know how you like it!

[ProClip] Thanks, Sean!