Remember SoundMan Car Audio? We’ve featured them before, that time for installing an iPad 2 in a car. Now the company is back with a solution for the Nexus 7, and it’s as unintrusive as it is good-looking.

Rather than modifying the car in any way, this install uses a custom magnetic Nexus 7 holder that is designed to snap into the opening for the existing screen in a Ford Edge. The add-on piece can be inserted or removed very easily, and due to the Nexus 7’s size it fits right over the existing screen. Connecting to the car stereo is then done over Bluetooth, while the Nexus 7 itself handles navigation and controls.

The result looks like the car came with a Nexus 7 holder from the factory, all without actually modifying the car in any way. No word yet on whether this will be made available for purchase, or if there will be versions for other cars. With the popularity of the Nexus 7, I can see a definite market for a simple solution like this for mounting the tablet in a car.

[SoundMan Car Audio via Android Central]