After a great update yesterday, Google Wallet is finally available to Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners. The revelation of Verizon’s change of heart came to an employee of Intel, Keith Achorn, after he simply tried to download and install the app on his own Verizon Galaxy Nexus. When it worked, he took to Google+ to tell everyone about it.

Some other owners of the flagship Android phone then found out that their own handsets were able to install the app, as well.

Verizon has been blocking Google’s NFC payment app since the release of the Galaxy Nexus on its network. There wasn’t ever a true answer to the question of why it was blocked, but the important thing here is that it isn’t anymore. If you own a Verizon LTE-compatible Galaxy Nexus, you can take part of the pleasures and pains of the service.

If you own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, have you downloaded the app yet? If so, have you used it yet? I’m just curious to see if it works well or not yet, since some other people are also reporting that the app doesn’t show up in a Play Store search just yet.

[Keith Achorn via Engadget]