The recent OTA update to 2.13.651.1 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE brought a lot of nice enhancements – but as is often the case with OTA updates, it broke something, too. Namely, users who updated complained that individual contact ringtones were not working properly; when a specific contact called, the default ringtone would play, instead of whatever the user had set for that particular contact.

Luckily, HTC already has a fix for this bug, and you can apply it right now. Just go to SettingsSystem updatesHTC software update, and download the application update. Please note, this is not a full firmware update – this will not change your software number, and it has absolutely nothing to do with bootloaders, recovery, root access, etc. In other words, it’s safe to install, whether or not you’re rooted; it’s simply an update to a system application that is installed within Android.

Once the update is installed, you’ll be given the option to restart your phone  now or later – and once you reboot, all your ringtone problems should be a thing of the past.

Thanks, Charles!