We’ve written quite a few things about the new dock connector that’s supposedly going to be included with Apple’s iPhone 5 on September 12. For starters, it’s almost a certainty that the new iPhone will include a smaller dock connector – much like the one seen above. And it’s also likely that its accessories will block wired jailbreaks, if our exclusive is to be believed. And finally, if our exclusive turns out to be true, the 30-pin connector will likely block wired jailbreaks itself, too.

Taking that last bit of information into consideration, it should be no surprise that Apple will be the sole supplier of those 30-pin adapters initially. iLounge is reporting that – at least initially – Apple will be the only company producing these 30-pin adapters, and will be selling them individually and in three-packs. The former will cost $10 each, while the latter will sell for $29.

This isn’t exactly an incredibly lucrative move for Apple, which begs the question of why? In my opinion, Apple wants to start selling its jailbreak-blocking adapters first; tell every company that if their accessories don’t block jailbreaks, they won’t be able to sell them; and put a stop to the current ease of jailbreaking.

We’re exactly one week away from Apple’s September 12 iPhone 5 announcement, so we’ll know soon enough what Apple is truly planning to do with its new dock connector and adapter then.

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