Usually, CyanogenMod releases only three kinds of builds. There are the nightlies, released – you guessed it – nightly, and which contain bleeding edge enhancements; there are the RC or release candidate versions, which aren’t quite stable releases but are a much more stable than nighties; and there are stable versions, released only every once in a while. While the general idea is that bleeding edge users can use the nightlies and more cautious users can wait for RC releases and still get new stuff in a timely manner, the user community seems to want something different: A stable build that is released more often than an RC, but isn’t as impractical as a nightly build.

As community projects do, the CyanogenMod team decided to listen to the suggestions that they have been given, and they added just that. The result is something that the team is calling M-Series releases, which will come out at the beginning of every month for most of the popular CM devices. These builds are made by freezing the code for a week, stabilizing it, and releasing the result every month until a stable release. Ideally, they should be stable enough for daily use, while still including the features users want to see.

Personally, I think the M builds are a great idea, and I will probably switch to them instead of the nightlies I have been using so that my phone can be a bit more stable. Part of the reason that I like community projects like CyanogenMod is that they usually listen to their users, and this is just another example of that attitude resulting in a nice new feature. So, how many of you are going to switch to the M builds now, either for more stability or newer features?