As many of you may remember, I recently had to send my Nexus 7 back to Google because of some screen lift issues. In my previous article, I talked about my experience calling Google’s support (on a holiday, no less), and how well the company handled my request.

Now, I’m happy to report that I currently have in hand a perfectly working Nexus 7, courtesy of Google. However, although I did get a new device, it took quite a while to get here. It’s been about two weeks since I first made the call, and while the 8GB Nexus 7 was in stock with two day shipping for new buyers, it took quite a while for me to get a new unit. Not only that, the tablet I got wasn’t new, as the seals on the box were broken. It did, however, have new plastic shrink wrap on the accessories and tablet, but it was clearly a return.

Of course, since the tablet doesn’t seem to have any problems, this is perfectly fine. It would have been nice if Google shipped it out a little faster as well, but at least I didn’t have to wait for them to receive my broken device before they sent me a new one. I mentioned before that they placed a hold on my credit card for the price of the Nexus 7 just in case, but the appear to have received my broken device and removed the hold. As such, I can certainly say that I think Google has done a good job supporting its products, and hope to keep my now working Nexus 7 for a long time.

This also means that there is absolutely no reason not to enter our Nexus 7 giveaway, which will be running through the end of this month.