Let’s face it: RIM’s road to BlackBerry 10 has been a rocky one at best, and a nonexistent one at worst. The company has had to delay the release of its next-generation mobile operating system a number of times – to the point where the operating system that was originally going to be released this fall won’t be until 2013.

Unfortunately, the bad news keeps coming out of the Waterloo, Ontario-based company. RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben told CNET that the company won’t be showing off any BlackBerry 10 phones until early next year – squashing any hopes that we may get a sneak-peek of whatever’s taking RIM so long to make before its release.

Here’s the heartbreaking excerpt from the interview:

“The company plans to show off more of the capabilities of BlackBerry 10, but the full reveal won’t occur until closer to launch, Boulben said.”

Hopefully, this is the last delay for BlackBerry 10, as I’m really excited to see what RIM is betting its future on. RIM has certainly had a lot of big issues in the past few years, but it’s a company that’s full of intelligent people – people who can hopefully restore RIM’s status as the go-to mobile phone for professionals.

Provided the delays stop and RIM has truly made a revolutionary mobile operating system, I’d really like to be one of those professionals.