Chubbz Gruesome 6th Sense is a custom HTC Sense 4.1-based ROM released by Team Nocturnal for CDMA versions of the HTC EVO 3D.

There have been no complete working ports of Sense 4.1 on a WiMAX/CDMA device so far, so 4G and 3D video are not functioning on this ROM. But beyond that, everything that Sense 4.1 has to offer is working.

The ROM features list include shutter sound on/off, SMS backup and restore, correctly baked-in WiFi Tether for root, Sony xLoud and Bravia engines, extra languages removed for more ROM space, EXT4 tweaks, and more.

I’ve been a fan of Team Nocturnal’s work for a while, their Shooter E3D port for the EVO 4G was one of my favorites at the time it came out and they’ve produced some other great things along the way.

One thing to note when installing this ROM is a rather long install time, as the partitions are formatted and mounted in EXT4. On my EVO 3D, it took several minutes to format and mount the system. I walked away at one point thinking the install had locked up. It hadn’t; it just took a very long time (over ten minutes if I’m not mistaken) to format the partitions before it started installing the system. Plan to walk away during the install or you’ll think your phone is locked up, too.

The ROM on first boot has sound and animation and a series of logos, the likes of which only previously has been seen by Hollywood. The sound isn’t annoying, just a bit jarring if you’re not expecting your phone to sound like it’s hissing at you for a second.

The Rosie that it features allows landscape mode and seems very smooth, if not overly snappy. The 6-in-1 advanced power menu was pretty neat – I’m not sure if it guessed what recovery I had installed or was just using the 4EXT logo, but that was a neat touch.

I had sync errors after the first boot, but I’m pretty sure there’s not an Android custom ROM yet that I haven’t run across in which one thing goes wrong at the beginning.

Other than the wallpaper, the ROM looks like your average Sense 4.1 ROM available on higher-end phones such as the HTC EVO 4G LTE. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, as Sense 4.1 is not available for this phone from HTC.

While test scores are pretty much useless as a real-world indicator, I’m including them because I bothered to run them. Stock and without any overclocking or tweaks other than what came with the ROM: 2700 on Quadrant Standard, 5583 on AnTuTu.

As a Sense 4.1 ROM, I think they did a great porting work here. I think if you’re looking to try the cutting edge of Sense, you’ll be happy with this ROM.

[Team Nocturnal]