Sometimes things become outdated quicker than you anticipated. When I published part 7 of my Tasker guide, the todo list V2 example I put in it was also the latest version I had made. Now, it’s a thing of the past. I guess the current version is something like 3.5, split between another complete rewrite (V3) and a couple of additions (V3.5).

It’s all about the video this time, but in short, the two new features are a voice system and a photo system. The former allows you to add items via voice, and was actually created by a reader. I had made my own voice system and built it into my Nelly voice assistant, but it is far more complicated than it needs to be, so I threw it out in favor of the version created by a reader (who may take credit for this in the comment if he or she wants to ;) ).

The latter allows you to add todo list items that contain a photo. The idea is to use it for visual items, like remembering to look for a movie you saw a DVD for on Netflix, or something like that. Both systems are shown in the video.