It may not be as exciting as the next Nexus, but Google’s chief release engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru has just announced a new version of Android that will roll out to Nexus 7 owners and be released to AOSP today. The updated OS, Android 4.1.2, still goes by the name of Jelly Bean, and includes a number of small bugfixes and a couple of new features.

The most obvious new feature for Nexus 7 owners is the ability to use the stock launcher in landscape mode, which was one of the few missing features that annoyed me about the Nexus 7.

The rest of the fixes are behind the scenes, and are simply said to “improves performance and stability and fixes bugs.” However, there was also a little bit of code added for compatibility for a different power management chip found in newer Nexus 7 units.

The update hasn’t automatically found its way to my Nexus 7 yet, but it is available for download from Google for those interested in updating their devices early. Landscape mode in the launcher is the biggest new feature for me, as it will allow me to return to using the stock launcher instead of Nova.

Other than that, the update isn’t really a big enough deal for me to take the trouble of manually updating my tablet, but the added stability and performance are certainly welcome.

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