In addition to announcing some new hardware, Apple also had a few things to say about software. But I mean it when I say “few” – in fact, it had very few things to say about software. Keep reading to see what I mean.


iBooks was updated today, but not much has changed. In fact, Apple only added two new features. One is a new reading mode called “Continuous Scrolling” that lets you keep scrolling down to read the entire book, instead of flipping the pages back and forth. The other is Twitter and Facebook sharing that allows you to share snippets of the book you’re currently reading.

iBooks Author was also updated. It allows publishers to add new mathematical graphics and do a few things with text, but it isn’t a complete redesign or redo of the app.

iTunes 11

Strangely, Apple didn’t mention its new version of iTunes at today’s event. The banner on the top of the iTunes 11 page clearly states that the new version will be “Coming in October,” but Apple didn’t even mention the current version of the media player and browser today.

At this point, one of two things could happen: Apple is either waiting to release the new version of iTunes until preorder day (this Friday), or it is simply not ready yet – and may not be ready until next week sometime.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to say about software at this point. I’ve reached out to Apple, asking if the company had a statement regarding iTunes 11’s release, and I will let you know what I hear back – if anything.

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