Apple has an issue with web browser plug-ins. The hatred for them began with the infamous Flash debacle – which resulted in Apple simply excluding the plug-in from its iOS devices, and later shipping Macs without Flash preinstalled.

Apple’s latest plug-in problem is with Oracle’s Java, a browser plugin for multimedia. Strangely, however, Apple isn’t mad at Oracle for anything – Apple took over the development of Java for Mac a while back, but according to an update that was pushed out by the Cupertino-based company yesterday, that in-house development wasn’t going so well.

This new update – oddly named Java for OS X 2012-006 – simply removes the Apple Java applet from all web browsers. Apple says that a ‘Missing Plug-in’ dialog will pop up if you run across a website that requires it; to fix that problem, simply click the dialog box and you’ll be brought to Oracle’s website, where you can download the newest version of Java for Mac.

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