MicroUSB to female USB adapter cables can be useful for quite a number of things, not the least of which is taking advantage of the USB host capabilities found on many Android devices. I didn’t really have a reason to look into the feature until recently, when I realized that the 8GB of storage on my Nexus 7 wasn’t quite enough for all the media that I have.

While looking around for cheap USB adapter, I finally found on Amazon exactly what I was looking for. A simple, short cable for the low price of $0.83, with free shipping. I was doubtful at first, but went ahead and ordered the part from Hong Kong. To my surprise, it arrived in just over one week, and worked great. The build quality also isn’t lacking, and the accessory feels quite solid. My Galaxy Nexus with CyanogenMod immediately recognized USB, SD card readers, and my Sansa Clip above, although I haven’t yet gotten it to work with the MTP mode on the Nexus 7.

However, your mileage may vary, and many phones don’t support certain USB devices, or don’t support USB host at all. For those who are interested in using USB host on their mobile devices, I can definitely recommend this adapter, especially at this price. In fact, even if you don’t plan to use one, it might be worth ordering at this point just to have. Who knows, it may come in handy when you suddenly need to get images from your camera’s SD card directly onto your device.