Sure, this piece of equipment is getting old. And while the Logitech Revue could technically fit in a bag or some really large pockets, it’s not quite what one would normally think of as “pocketable.” But still, it’s a really neat piece of hardware, and one might even argue that it might go down in history as one of the great “first attempts” at something – in this case, Google TV.

And right now, it’s $49 at Tiger Direct.

Here’s how the deal works: the Logitech Revue is originally priced at $100. Once you add it to your cart, enter coupon code TPF73771. That will get you $20 off right on the spot. Then, you’ll have to submit a $30 mail-in rebate – but after all that is said and done, you can have the Google TV box for about $50, plus applicable shipping charges. That’s really not too bad!

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[Tiger Direct via SlickDeals]