The Dell Streak 5 has been dead for a little over a year now, but there are more than a few people who still love the original phablet. Among the people who still use the Streak 5 on a regular basis is xda Senior Member _n0p_, and he has just released a tool to make your already-awesome Streak even better.

_n0p_ just recently released MTD-Utils, a set of developer tools – nanddumpnandwrite, and nand_erase – that allow you to have further control over flashing pieces of software and doing other bits of miscellaneous hackery. Perhaps most notable about the suite of tools, though, is the fact that the nandwrite tool allows you to flash a recovery while Android is already booted.

As _n0p_ puts it:

nandwrite should enable you to write boot, recovery, system and firstboot right from android system (i don’t think that it’s good idea, but anyway) [sic]

The developer does say that it may not be a good idea, but the fact that it works is commendable – and very useful. Flashing recoveries onto a running Android device will certainly make doing so much easier, and the results of the flash will be apparent right away.

For a download and complete instructions on how to use the tools, hit up the source links below.

[Download | xda-developers: 1, 2] Thanks, Paul!