Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta) has just launched in the Google Play Store, offering yet another Siri / Google Now competitor. Currently available for Ice Cream Sandwich and above, the app builds on Dragon’s popular Dragon Go! app, with a focus on natural speaking and conversation-style searches.

There are three reasons you might want this:

  1. You are jealous of Siri.
  2. You don’t like Google Now, for some reason, or you have opted out of Google Now on your device.
  3. You are looking for a Google Now substitute because you’re phone hasn’t gotten updated to Jelly Bean yet.

I fall in the third category, but so far, I find this app severely lacking. It’s much less useful than Google Now on my ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity tablet, and there’s a lot it still can’t do. (For example, when I ask it about my schedule, it tells me “I can’t do that yet.”)

Granted, this is in beta, and Dragon is one of the biggest names in speech recognition right now. So it still might be worth checking out, but I’d really like HTC to just hurry up and send out the Jelly Bean update for my EVO 4G LTE. That way, I could skip this and go straight to Google Now on my phone, too.

Download: Google Play