If you have used many custom kernels on the HTC EVO 3D before Ice Cream Sandwich was released, you probably ran across some with the Slide2Wake function. By sweeping your finger across the phone in a certain direction, you could wake the phone up from  slumber and avoid pressing the power button. The EvilZ kernel now incorporates this style of mod based on Showp1984’s code for the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Besides just looking neat when you swipe to wake it, if you’ve got a case that is making the power button a pain to press, it’s a more-than-needed mod.

Other than the incorporation of the Sweep2Wake mod, the kernel also supports overclocking, several custom CPU governors, has an S-ON friendly installer for those who didn’t feed the panda, and adds kernel-based MPDecision, which puts the power of core-management back in the hands of the kernel.

Make sure you’re working with an updated version of your recovery before you go attempting to flash the kernel. It seems there have been a lot of releases of recoveries recently that just have not been behaving, although both CWM and TWRP seem to have been corrected with the latest versions.