Last week, Apple hired former AMD executive Jim Mergard to head its SoC development team. Today, to keep up with its trend of hiring incredibly talented people, Apple has brought on board William Stasior, a former search executive from AltaVista and Amazon.

Stasior won’t be creating an Apple-run search engine. No, he will be bringing his knowledge of search engines over to the Siri unit, which, according to AllThingsD‘s sources, will be run by him.

It should be noted that this hire is likely related to the lack of talent that Apple has for its Siri unit. Siri used to be a company, and its co-founder Adam Cheyer – who was hired by Apple after it acquired Siri – left earlier this year.

Given how much experience Stasior has had in search engine-related work, he should be able to provide Siri with a number of improvements over the coming years – possibly even bringing the personal assistant out of her current beta stage.

We’ll know just how much he improves Siri as time goes on; in the meantime, what do you want to see be improved in Siri?