Good Old Games, a digital distributor of downloadable, DRM-free games announced today that it will be expanding its service to Mac users, ending the four-year period in which the online retailer only sold games to PC users.

The distributor, which likes to abbreviate its name to GOG, released a video for a fake product. In it, the company mocks Apple’s trademark product video style – you know, the one in which executives talk about how amazing a new product is. At the end of the parody video, Trevor Longino, GOG’s head of marketing, tells the watcher that the video – and fake product – are indeed fake, and alludes to the fact that his company is now selling games on the Mac.

To celebrate the launch of Mac-compatible titles, GOG is offering up eight free games: Beneath a Steel Sky, Tyrian 2000, Ultima IV, Warsow, and four others are currently available for free download.

As the Mac gains popularity and marketshare, more developers and companies have started to notice the platform as a viable source of extra customers. Gaming in particular has been one area in which companies have targeted the Mac, starting with Valve’s Steam platform and extending into other offerings such as Good Old Games.

With every new addition to the Mac family of software and services, more people will flock to it – which just means that those of us who own Macs will get even more fantastic services and apps to enjoy.

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