Playstation Mobile may have finally gone live yesterday, but not every Android device has the honor of being certified. In case you’ve got an HTC One series phone, and you’re tired of waiting around for the service to be officially supported – or you’ve got a device that you know doesn’t stand a chance in getting certified – you’re in luck.

As long as you’re rooted, it’s apparently pretty easy to get Playstation Mobile up and running on any device. Of course, whenever you start messing with your phone, there’s a risk that you could bork something up. The risk is minimal, but it’s still there.

So if you’re comfortable with that, here’s how to get this working:

  1. Download and install the latest Playstation Mobile apk from Sony.
  2. Download this flashable .zip from Android Police.
  3. Make sure BusyBox is installed.
  4. Put the .zip on your SD card, and flash it from a custom recovery.

That’s it! Playstation Mobile should now work on your device, and you’ll have access to any games you’ve purchased from the service on other devices. Pretty sweet, right?

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