Ubuntu for Android is something that we’ve seen talked about and demonstrated quite a bit, but it still can’t really be used by consumers. While I’m growing a bit tired of seeing how cool Ubuntu for Android could be, I still have to pass along another interesting demonstration, this time of what looks like a full on Ubuntu install on a Nexus 7 tablet.

Now, seeing Ubuntu running on Android hardware can get a bit confusing because there are actually multiple ways that Ubuntu can run on an Android device. Technically, Ubuntu for Android doesn’t replace the Android OS or stand on its own, and can be thought of as an app running within stock Android. Although it is less common, there’s also the possibility of running Ubuntu on Android ARM hardware directly, which appears to be the case here. In the short video above, the Unity touch interface is demonstrated, and appears to be working quickly and smoothly.

There aren’t any further details, but in the comments section of YouTube the video uploader hinted that more information will be revealed at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in a week. A native Ubnutu on the Nexus 7 might not be the most useful thing yet, but it is certainly very cool. I’ll certainly be watching the announcements that begin on October 29, and now I’ll have to see if there is anything interesting for Nexus 7 owners as well as Ubuntu users.

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